We went to Prague as a group of 10 lads on a stag do in March, and we were put up in the Louis Leger Hotel by our organising company.

In terms of location, it was good, meaning it was only 200 – 300 czk to get a taxi into town, depending on the time. Or a 20 minute walk, which seemed quicker when you were drunk!

The rooms were clean and spacious, and the showers were powerful! This really helped to wake up in the morning after a long night of drinking.

The only downside to this hotel is that the breakfast didn’t seem to suit English people at all, which is something you sometimes expect in foreign countries, however, the lack of normal tea was disappointing. On the morning we were leaving, I needed a cup of tea. I’m English, and I drink a lot of tea, but they only had Earl Grey and flavoured tea, so I had to go down the street to a Costa, where I also had breakfast as none of the food at the hotel seemed appetising. I mainly ate pineapple for breakfast in the hotel. The breakfast selection was quite odd too as it had pasta and cakes available, along with hot dogs.


Enough about the hotel, Prague is excellent for a stag do. The local beer is very cheap, but don’t believe the hype about the drinks being under £1 each, as it’s just not true.

Prepare to be harassed by men trying to get you to go into their strip clubs – it really isn’t fun as they follow you until you get far away or you go in with them. Strip clubs are so much more expensive over there than in England, and not really worth it. It’s equivalent to about £40 per dance at Hot Peppers, the biggest strip club there. Prague is not a place for a group of girls, there were very few girls in the city when we were there, and there were literally hundreds of stag dos there.

I found it to be a very friendly place, and saw no fights or arguments, even when the clubs were kicking out.

During the day, we wandered around the city looking for things to do or places to eat, and it all seems pretty behind the times, like it hasn’t really moved on from the 90s or earlier, but it has a certain charm about it.

Prague isn’t a city I’ll actively look to visit again, unless there’s another stag do going there.