Gozo is part of Malta, but it’s a tiny island to the north, accessible by ferry. You can hop on one of the city tour buses which takes you around both islands for a really low price. The company has sales staff scattered around the islands praying on holiday makers, but it’s not too bad, as it’s a decent service for a small price and you get to see what the country has to offer without exhausting yourself walking.

What I would say is the main attraction is the ‘it-Tieqa Żerqa‘, also known as the Azure Window. It was a beautiful arch made from the erosion of the rock over a ridiculously long time. It was huge, as you can see on the image below, I was a tiny spec on top of the rock. It was actually cordoned off and forbidden to walk on top of the rock, however, everybody was doing it and I wanted a decent photo. A Maltese man actually started to shout at me as I was stepping over the tape. He was telling me that my weight would make the arch collapse, but as you can see, the rock is a lot bigger than me at the smallest part, so no chance of that happening.

Anyway, recently, the arch collapsed and it-Tieqa Żerqa is no longer there. However, this was due to severe weather, not my 12 stone weight on top of it, I hope. It’s really sad that this happened, especially if you never got to visit it.

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