When I chose to visit Malta, I wasn’t earning a lot of money, so we decided to do the trip on a budget, staying in an all-inclusive resort in St. Julian’s Bay, which was a beautiful town as you can see from the picture below.

This is my favourite ever photo. The way the clouds come out from behind the hill is awesome.

St Julian’s Bay is a port, as are most towns in Malta, and the beaches are pebble beaches rather than sand. The weather was amazing the whole time I was there, which was about a week. Any longer than a week in Malta and I honestly think you would be bored, unless the hotel you were staying in had something special to offer.

The hotel we stayed in was very basic and had really poor entertainment, but I can’t complain as it was really cheap.

I was walking from the hotel to the bay and there was a local farmer selling enormous strawberries out of the back of his truck. A punnet was about 1 euro and they were delicious.