Valletta is the capital of Malta, and a city full of culture. For example, as I was walking down one of the main streets, there was a local Maltese man busking, but he was singing Opera in Italian. As Malta is so close to Italy geographically, there are a lot of Italian speakers there. I would say the Maltese language is a mix of Italian and a form of Arabic.

Near the coast, there’s a tradition where they fire the cannons at a certain time of the day, making people aware of the time. This apparently was for the navy, and it was very loud. I believe they don’t fire the cannons on a Sunday, so be aware of that, but I can’t fully remember.

The ice cream and sorbet in Valletta were memorably excellent and I’d go back to Valletta for that alone! Although, I assume, nothing like real Italian ice cream.

There are many cafes and small shops to browse in Valletta, and it’s a really nice, historical place to visit.

Something notable is that in Malta, they use the same plugs as we do in Britain, which must date back to the war, as we had a base in Malta. An interesting fact about me is that my father’s side of the family are Maltese and I see this as my heritage along with being English.

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